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Protect yourself onlineWe’re committed to protecting your privacy online. As part of this commitment, our dedicated online security team regularly trawl the SEEK site for evidence of suspicious job ads and advertisers, and immediately remove them. Using these resources, in addition to other filtering tools, we’re continually improving our efforts to make job hunting safe and secure.
Fraudulent job adsWe regularly screen for illegal job ads that ask for personal or financial information. However, from time-to-time these job ads may appear on SEEK.
Job hunting and interview safetyIt’s important to protect yourself throughout the job hunting and interview process. In addition to fraudulent job ads, dishonest people may pose as recruiters or employers to take advantage of unsuspecting job seekers. Follow these tips to protect your personal information and wellbeing.
PhishingPhishing is a type of fraud whereby someone sends you an email, posing as SEEK or another trusted company, in an attempt to acquire your username, password or credit card details. These deceptive messages often mimic legitimate and trusted organisations like SEEK, and can be sent via email, SMS, instant messaging or social media platforms.The aim of these emails is to trick you into clicking on links to:
  • a fake website where you are encouraged to enter confidential details
  • accidentally download a "Trojan" or "key logging" program, which could compromise your security.
TrojansMalware is malicious software also known as Trojans which are inserted into a computer system for the purpose of causing harm, such as stealing personal and financial information.
Scams and spamElectronic junk mail is commonly known as spam. These are electronic messages you haven’t asked for that are sent to your email account, mobile phone number, or instant messaging account. The content of spam messages varies. Some messages promote legitimate products or services, while others will attempt to trick you into following a link to a scam website where you will be asked to enter your bank account or credit card details.
Hints and tipsOur dedicated online security team regularly screen for illegal job ads that ask for personal or financial information. However, from time to time these job ads may appear on SEEK.
SEEK endeavours to ensure that all job ads on our site are for legitimate job opportunities and will remove any job ads that are identified to have contravened our Terms and Conditions. If you suspect that a job ad on SEEK is suspicious please contact us on 1300 658 700 in Australia and 0508 733 569 in New Zealand.If you suspect fraudulent activity, please:Report it to SEEK - so we can remove any fraudulent ads and alert other jobseekers or advertisers.Report it to the Commerce Commission New Zealand - who will investigate misleading job and business opportunities or email.The most helpful information will be the JobID, link to the ad or a copy of the suspicious email.
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